Read some of my recent reviews below

“Suzanne visited weekly to work with my little boy, for 5 months prior to lockdown. She was professional, and always motivated and ready to begin her sessions. She was patient and caring, and brought lots of fun and enticing activities to encourage my son’s language and Makaton signing each week. They built a good relationship, and my son could not wait to see her, standing by the front door some weeks waiting for her to arrive. She gave me lots of tips of what I can do at home, and even made a colour game, to help my son learn the colours! Over the 5 months, I felt very supported by Suzanne, and she was there for me, building the confidence, and giving me and my son the support that we needed. Suzanne showed us Makaton signs, and my son learnt to communicate more, by not only signing, but also saying words.

I would thoroughly recommend Suzanne to work with families, who need support, and to build up confidence that they are doing the right thing to help their child.”

Ruth H

“I really enjoyed your Taster Session!  I was anxious going into it, but felt welcomed.  Recommended you to a friend!  Thanks again.”

 Georgina G.

“Thank you very much Suzanne, for a great session!  You made me feel very welcomed.  Everything was very clear and explained in details.  Even in a Taster Session I have learnt loads.”

Laura S.

“Just want to send a big thank you for the Taster Session.  I really enjoyed it and learnt so much.  It was fun and you made it easy to follow.” 

Gemma B.

“Suzanne worked with us weekly for 2 months prior to lockdown. She was professional, and always arrived ready to begin work with the children. She was caring, patient, and the children bonded with her. Suzanne gave us a detailed observation on 4 children while she was with us, with strategies we could work on in between her visits. Suzanne worked closely with our SENDCO, introducing PECS to a non-verbal little boy who was not able to communicate, and after a couple of sessions working with him, he was able to ask for things, using pictures.

I would recommend Suzanne to work in any pre-school nursery and would gladly welcome her back.”

Clare C

“Enjoyable Taster Session, felt comfortable with being corrected if we got the signs wrong, as you delivered the Taster in a friendly manor.”

Sarah C.

“Suzanne came to see my 3 year old who is having trouble with his speech. She is amazing with kids in the fun, interactive way she communicates with them. She is caring, kind and understanding of their individual needs but at the same time has a no-nonsense approach and does get kids to cooperate with her, which can be a very hard thing when they are so young!”

Sara B